FREEDOM HISTORY It was a war that was won, without a single gun being fired. The greatest imperialist power in the world was driven away from by the India strengths non – violence. This is what makes a story of our freedom struggle, and Gandhi Ji, The prophet of Ahinsa, so unique in World History. Even though it was Non – violence which ultimately won us our freedom, one cannot ignore the contributions made by those who opted for armed rebellion, like Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Subhas Chandra Bose. In fact, many ideologists played a pivotal role battle. After many years of sacrifices by our people, the British were forced to leave “ the jewel in their crown”. India became Independent.

This blog” gives you insight into our long and stirring struggle for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi – or Mohan-das Karamchand Gandhi- is the first person one thinks of among the leaders of the freedom struggle. He was a lawyer who began his career in South Africa, where he got involved in the Indian Community’s struggle for civil rights there. This laid the foundation for his return to India in 1915, where he started organising the struggle against British rule. He also led national wide campaigning for social reform, whether it was easing the burden of cursing poverty, ending un-touch ability, promoting women’s rights, or religious harmony. Above all, Mahatma Gandhi will be forever remembered for his vision of a Free India, for his courage and determination, and for the inspiring path he chose to achieve this goal. Mangal Pandey was soldier or sepoy in the British Army. He has gone down in history as the courageous rebel who sparked the first War of Indian Independence in 1857.

The rising was, literally, triggered by a gun, the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle musket. To load the new rifle, the soldier had to bite the cartridge, open and pour the gunpowder into the rifle’s muzzle. The Indian soldiers heard the cartridges were greased with pork and cow’s fat. The usage of which was against the religious sentiments of both Muslims and Hindus. They were outraged and rebelled against the lack of sensibility and high handedness of the Englishmen. Pandey attacked and injured his British sergeant, besides wounding an adjutant. He was arrested, and sentenced to death. Mangal Pandey was hanged on 8th April 1857. He died for his beliefs and is honoured as the martyr. His biggest contribution to the Indian freedom struggle is that he inspired patriots to the sacrifice everything for their beliefs and the motherland.